Katarina Veljkovic

Women’s Health Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic)

Nationality: Italian

Areas of Specialisation: Katarina is a specialist women’s health Physiotherapist, including pre-natal & post-natal, with a specific emphasis on pelvic floor rehabilitation. She is passionate about educating women, who often suffer in silence, to remove the embarrassment around such issues and inform them that there is treatment available for pelvic dysfunction.

Professional Qualifications: Katarina has a Degree in Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Padua in Italy. She has also completed specialist courses in Urogenital & Rectal Rehabilitation, Incontinence Rehabilitation and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation at CorsiNuovi Verona.

Previous Experience:
Katarina has been a Physiotherapist for seven years, and has specialised in women’s health for the last four years. Previously working from her private clinic and the San Camillo Hospital in Treviso, she has received referrals from all over Northern Italy to benefit from her highly specialised treatment.