New physiotherapy facility will be a boon for patients: Sheikh Mohamed

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A state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic, with a special emphasis on the rehabilitation of patients with sports-related injuries, has begun operations in Qatar and will be a big boon for patients in the country, its founder Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad bin Faisal al Thani has said.

Located on Al Markhiya Street, the International Physiotherapy Centre opened its door to patients two weeks ago and is staffed by specialists with significant experience at leading hospitals in the US, Canada, the UK and Belgium.

“In the past I have seen people finding it difficult to get access to high quality rehabilitative care in Qatar, and sometimes they had to travel abroad for the care they need. As a result, I have established The International Physiotherapy Centre here in Doha to provide a much needed service for the community,” Sheikh Mohamed said.

“The International Physiotherapy Centre is a brand new facility in Doha providing the highest quality rehabilitative care. Our team consists of highly qualified professional physiotherapists with expertise in a wide range of physical issues including spine and joint pain, muscle tears, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, occupational health, headaches and women’s health,” he added.

Sheikh Mohamed added that the facility will work in close cooperation with Aspetar, the world renowned sports medicine hospital in Qatar.

“We are working with them closely. Once we grow, we could move into a bigger facility but that’s down the line since right now we have plenty of rooms with expert help available to cater to people’s needs.”

Patients will have to be referred by a doctor for appointments.

“You need a doctor’s referral to get an appointment. We deal with

a lot of post-surgical cases, sports or otherwise. Recently we treated a top Qatari swimmer. We also deal with post-pregnancy cases in which women require physiotherapy.”

Sheikh Mohamed said he decided on making a foray into health when a friend of his found it difficult to get immediate help during the process of rehabilitation after breaking his arm.

“A British friend of mine who had broken his arm was recommended physiotherapy but he got an appointment only after six months. That’s when I thought of starting something like this so that people get quality healthcare with patients not requiring to wait months on end to get an appointment and treatment.

“Healthcare always interested me, so I when I found out there was a huge demand for physiotherapy services, I decided on this venture.”

Sheikh Mohamed said that about five to 10 percent of the profits earned by the venture will be channeled towards charitable purposes.

“Right from the beginning I was clear about one thing: between five and 10 percent of all my earnings will go to charity. It is something that I wanted to do.”

Although the project has had a soft opening, a grand inauguration is planned for some time later.

“Hopefully in a couple of months we will have a formal launch. We are waiting for the right time when the people we want to invite can attend. The logistics is being worked out.”