The International Physiotherapy Centre


Dr George Ioannidis

Chiropractor (at Waab clinic)

Nationality: British


Areas of Specialisation:

George has deep musculoskeletal rehabilitation skills, having first qualified as a Physiotherapist and then as a Chiropractor. As well as manual, drop table and activator spinal adjustments, George also provides soft tissue manual therapy, stretching and strengthening to get the best results for his patients.

Professional Qualifications:

George completed his degree in Physiotherapy in Greece and then went on to complete his Doctor of Chiropractic qualification at New York Chiropractic College in the USA.

Previous Experience:

George spent the last eight years prior to joining The International Physiotherapy Centre working as a Chiropractor in London, UK. He has worked at premium, private clinics in the City and Harley Street. Most recently, he owned and managed his own clinic in Surrey.