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Liz Conlon

Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic)

Nationality: Irish


Areas of Specialisation:

Liz is a thorough and highly motivated Physiotherapist. She undertakes a detailed assessment to ensure she gets to the core of the patient’s issue, and then sets the appropriate treatment plan to get the best results.

She treats Musculoskeletal & Orthopedic issues throughout the body and combines hands-on therapies such as mobilisation and soft tissue release with targeted strengthening exercises building on her passion for Pilates.

Professional Qualifications:

Liz has a BSc in Science from University College Dublin, Ireland, and a MSc in Physiotherapy from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. She also has several postgraduate qualifications including Spinal Manipulation and Advanced Mat certifications from Body Control Pilates.

Previous Experience:

Liz began her career as a Management Consultant at Accenture. Following her Physiotherapy Masters in 2007, she undertook three years of intensive rotations in hospitals in the UK’s National Health Service. Since then, she has worked in private clinics as a Physiotherapy & Pilates instructor. She has also worked as an educator in Qatar at Weill Cornell Medical School.