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Pauline Genevrois

Head Physiotherapist & Qualified Osteopath (at Markhiya clinic)
Nationality: Belgian
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Areas of Specialisation:

Pauline has extensive experience working with a wide range of neurological & orthopedic issues. She also has a real interest in women’s health, both pre-natal & post-natal, with a specific emphasis on pelvic floor rehabilitation. Pauline is also a specialist in pediatric osteopathy.

Professional Qualifications:

Pauline has a BSc in Physiotherapy from Haute Ecole André Vésale in Belgium. She has also completed her Diploma in Osteopathy from the International Academy of Osteopathy, Belgium.

Previous Experience:

Pauline has worked as a Physiotherapist since 1994, gaining experience at multiple clinics in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. She also worked in Qatar as a Sports Physiotherapist during both the Arab Games & the Asian Games.