Habiba Benchaib

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Habiba Benchaib Pilates Instructor Bio Img

Team Habiba Benchaib Pilates Instructor (at Markhiya & Waab clinics) Nationality: French Areas of Specialisation: Habiba is a very energetic Pilates Instructor, with experience working with clients of all fitness levels from special populations & those with injuries to performance enhancement for athletes. She has experience with privates, duets and group classes. She is fluent […]

Lizahn Veldsman

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Lizahn Veldsman Pilates Instructor Bio Img

Team Lizahn Veldsman Pilates Instructor & Qualified Physiotherapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics)Nationality: South African Areas of Specialisation: Lizahn’s passion is helping people heal through movement. She has a special interest in sports injury prevention and management, orthopedic rehabilitation and myofascial release therapy. She has used Pilates and Physiotherapy hand-in-hand throughout her 10 year career. […]

Janina Tolentino

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Janina Tolentino Massage Therapist Bio Img

Team Janina Tolentino Massage Therapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics)Nationality: Filipino Areas of Specialisation: Janina is an outstanding Massage Therapist, with a firm grounding in anatomy and physiology, having started her career as a Physiotherapist. She has a passion for Sports Massage and has frequently worked with world class athletes on the professional Women’s Tennis […]

Dr Matt Le Roux

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Matt Le Roux Chiropractor Bio Img

Team Dr Matt Le Roux Chiropractor (at Waab clinic) Nationality: Australian Areas of Specialisation: Matt is a Chiropractor and Sports Scientist who specialises in the diagnosis & treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the prevention of acute and chronic conditions. He also has considerable experience in rehabilitation & conditioning, injury management, nutrition, and […]

Dr Michael Majaess

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Michael Majaess Chiropractor Bio Img

Team Dr Michael Majaess Chiropractor (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Michael is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specialises in the diagnosis & treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including chronic and acute back, neck, and extremities pain, sports injuries, work-related disorders and disabilities. He has experience working as part of inter-disciplinary teams […]

Dr Majdi Abudayyeh

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Majdi Abudayyeh Chiropractor Bio Img

Team Dr Majdi Abudayyeh Chiropractor (at Waab clinic)Nationality: American Areas of Specialisation: Majdi became a Chiropractor after himself suffering from chronic neck pain; he had exhausted all other treatment options and then tried Chiropractic, finding it was the only method that gave him relief from his pain. He is now passionate about spreading the health […]

Joanne Barnes

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Joanne Barnes Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Joanne Barnes Head Physiotherapist & STOTT-trained Pilates Instructor (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Joanne has extensive experience working with a wide range of sporting & orthopedic issues, developing comprehensive rehabilitation programs. As well as providing manual therapy, Joanne specialises in Clinical Pilates, assisting recovery through movement, craniosacral therapy & myofascial release therapy. […]

Pauline Genevrois

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Pauline Genevrois Experienced Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Pauline Genevrois Head Physiotherapist & Qualified Osteopath (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: Belgian Areas of Specialisation: Pauline has extensive experience working with a wide range of neurological & orthopedic issues. She also has a real interest in women’s health, both pre-natal & post-natal, with a specific emphasis on pelvic floor rehabilitation. Pauline is also a specialist […]

Matthew Thomas

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Matthew Thomas Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Matthew Thomas Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Matthew has a holistic approach in his management and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. He employs a multitude of advanced treatment methods including Osteopathic manipulation techniques, soft tissue mobilisation, Pilates, sports and remedial Massage Therapy, dry needling / acupuncture, trigger point therapy and muscle […]

Anas Boukas

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Anas Boukas Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Anas Boukas Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Anas uses a variety of manual therapy techniques and advanced exercise prescription to treat often complex cases, rooting his practice in his strong evidence-based background. He is committed to helping active people stay fit, dynamic and healthy without medications, injections or surgery. By […]