Lizahn Veldsman

Lizahn Veldsman Pilates Instructor Bio Img

Team Lizahn Veldsman Pilates Instructor & Qualified Physiotherapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics)Nationality: South African Areas of Specialisation: Lizahn’s passion is helping […]

Janina Tolentino

Janina Tolentino Massage Therapist Bio Img

Team Janina Tolentino Massage Therapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics)Nationality: Filipino Areas of Specialisation: Janina is an outstanding Massage Therapist, with a […]

Dr Michael Majaess

Michael Majaess Chiropractor Bio Img

Team Dr Michael Majaess Chiropractor (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Michael is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specialises in the […]

Dr Majdi Abudayyeh

Majdi Abudayyeh Chiropractor Bio Img

Team Dr Majdi Abudayyeh Chiropractor (at Waab clinic)Nationality: American Areas of Specialisation: Majdi became a Chiropractor after himself suffering from chronic neck […]

Joanne Barnes

Joanne Barnes Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Joanne Barnes Head Physiotherapist & STOTT-trained Pilates Instructor (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Joanne has extensive experience working with […]

Pauline Genevrois

Pauline Genevrois Experienced Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Pauline Genevrois Head Physiotherapist & Qualified Osteopath (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: Belgian Areas of Specialisation: Pauline has extensive experience working with a […]

Anas Boukas

Anas Boukas Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Anas Boukas Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Anas uses a variety of manual therapy techniques and advanced […]

Cristina Galbiati


Team Cristina Galbiati Pilates Instructor (at Markhiya & Waab clinics) Nationality: Italian Areas of Specialisation: Cristina is a positive, high energy, passionate […]

Maria Verdejo


Team Maria Verdejo Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic) Nationality: Spanish Areas of Specialisation: Maria is a Mulligan certified practitioner, and has strong manual […]

Neil Fitzhenry

Neil Fitzhenry Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Neil Fitzhenry Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic)Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Due to his experience in sports, Neil is highly skilled in […]