Anas Boukas

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Team Anas Boukas Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Anas uses a variety of manual therapy techniques and advanced exercise prescription to treat often complex cases, rooting his practice in his strong evidence-based background. He is committed to helping active people stay fit, dynamic and healthy without medications, injections or surgery. By […]

Maria Verdejo

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Maria Verdejo Physiotherapist Bio Img

Team Maria Verdejo Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic) Nationality: Spanish Areas of Specialisation: Maria is a Mulligan certified practitioner, and has strong manual therapy skills – using her hands to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help restore function. Maria has a special interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation, but also has lots of experience working in […]

Neil Fitzhenry

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Team Neil Fitzhenry Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: Due to his experience in sports, Neil is highly skilled in lower limb and upper limb injuries. He places a strong emphasis on targeted exercise prescription, and has experience from the acute phase through healing to returning to peak physical condition. He has […]

Diane Teles

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Team Diane Teles Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic)Nationality: South African Areas of Specialisation: Diane is a Physiotherapist with a passion for sports and performance. She is driven to help all of her patients perform to their best, whatever their physical abilities and injuries. While an expert in therapies such as dry needling, taping and manual therapy, […]

Matteo Di Sante

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Team Matteo Di Sante Massage Therapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics) Nationality: Italian Areas of Specialisation: Matteo is a qualified Occupational Therapist, giving him a strong grounding in anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation. He has since transitioned into his real passion, Massage Therapy. Matteo is an expert in deep tissue and sports massage, and has the […]

Jaruwan Lueyot

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Team Jaruwan Lueyot Massage Therapist (at Markhiya & Waab clinics) Nationality: Thai Areas of Specialisation: Jaruwan is an experienced massage therapist and complementary therapist. While she is trained in many types of massage, her medical background enables her to identify inherent issues that others may miss and enhance the patient’s overall health & wellbeing. Professional […]

Dr Mailie Harris

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Team Dr Mailie Harris Chiropractor (at Waab clinic) Nationality: Canadian Areas of Specialisation: Mailie has extensive experience in Canada treating patients of all ages, genders & backgrounds, including many professional and amateur athletes. In addition to manual adjusting, she uses the activator, spinal mobilations, drop piece adjustments, Graston soft tissue therapy and kinesiotaping to relieve […]

Sadhbh Clancy

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Team Sadhbh Clancy Physiotherapist (at Markhiya clinic) Nationality: Irish Areas of Specialisation: Sadhbh has gained experience in many areas of Physiotherapy including neurology, rheumatology, cardiac rehabilitation and orthopedics. Her main passion is musculoskeletal work including back, neck, joint and tissue pain and injuries. She takes care to listen to the patient’s concerns, diagnose their issues […]

John Wiley

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Team John Wiley Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic) Nationality: British Areas of Specialisation: John has considerable experience in sports, with a focus on helping the patient recover to their maximum physical capacity as quickly as possible. He is an expert in hands-on manual therapy, acupuncture and dry needling for pain relief & healing in the more […]