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Diane Teles

Physiotherapist (at Waab clinic)
Nationality: South African
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Areas of Specialisation:

Diane is a Physiotherapist with a passion for sports and performance. She is driven to help all of her patients perform to their best, whatever their physical abilities and injuries. While an expert in therapies such as dry needling, taping and manual therapy, she sees great results from working with her patients in the gym, motivating and educating them to keep their body strong, healthy and pain free both as part of their rehabilitation as well as an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Professional Qualifications:

Diane earned her Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of the Witwaterstrand, South Africa, in 2009. She has further qualifications in Exercise Science, Pilates and CrossFit instruction.

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining The International Physiotherapy Centre, Diane owned and ran a CrossFit gym in South Africa, where she worked as a CrossFit Coach and Physiotherapist. She has worked for some of the leading private Physiotherapy clinics in South Africa as well as with elite sports teams and athletes.