The International Physiotherapy Centre


Dr Mailie Harris

Chiropractor (at Waab clinic)

Nationality: Canadian
Mailie Bio Img

Areas of Specialisation:

Mailie has extensive experience in Canada treating patients of all ages, genders & backgrounds, including many professional and amateur athletes. In addition to manual adjusting, she uses the activator, spinal mobilations, drop piece adjustments, Graston soft tissue therapy and kinesiotaping to relieve pain and restore function. She also advises patients on their overall health & wellness including spinal health, nutrition, posture, strengthening, stretching and preventive care.

Professional Qualifications:

Mailie earned a Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph and achieved her Doctor of Chiropractic qualification from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Canada.

Previous Experience:

Mailie previously practiced in Canada for 13 years and treated a wide variety of patients in a leading multi- disciplinary clinic. She also developed a reputation as a sports Chiropractor treating athletes from the NHL, NFL and UFC. In addition to her Chiropractic work, she served as head coach of cheerleading for both The Edmonton Oilers in the NHL & the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL. Mailie is also an experienced public speaker and enjoys sharing her passion for Chiropractic.